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Try and remember back to your school days! Remember your most enjoyable lessons! What subjects did you do best at?

The answer to the above is more than likely to be down to the tutor or teacher that you had for that subject. You no doubt had respect for this teacher and you felt at ease in his or her lessons, more importantly he or she would have made the lessons interesting and not a task.

Learning to drive is no different to the above. Learning to drive is a big commitment to your time & money, so it is so important to choose the right Instructor from the start. Yes with this difficult economic climate we are all looking for value for money, this does not always mean choosing the cheapest rate.

The important issues in our opinion are;

  • Does the pupil feel at ease with the instructor
  • Is the Instructor cheerful and friendly
  • Is the Instructor fully qualified on a green badge
  • Does the Instructor offer a structured training programme
  • Does the Instructor record progress throughout training
  • Is the Instructor flexible with instruction and reliable
  • Does the Instructor give 100% attention to the pupil during lessons
  • Does the Instructor offer a competitive rate and offer block discounts

Choose Best Learner as your driving school and we will constantly deliver the above criteria!

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Learn to driveStandard Lesson Prices

Individual Lessons

1 Hour: £25.00
1 1/2 Hours £36
2 Hour: £48

Block Bookings

10 Lessons £230

Pass Plus TamworthPass Plus Course

The Pass Plus scheme is aimed at newly qualified drivers to help them develop their driving skills in six areas including motorways. Click Here to Read More...

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Additional Skill Building Lessons

1 Hour: £25.00
2 Hour: £40